Stradbroke wave hedges

Interior Plantscape Management

An Interior Plantscape creates a cleaner, healthier atmosphere, enhances corporate images and provides an attractive, comfortable environment for employees and clients. Managing Interior Plantscapes requires specialist skills and know-how.

The demonstrable benefits for investing in Interior Plantscapes include:

  • Reduce indoor air pollution
  • Reduce workplace illness
  • Reduce sick-leave absences
  • Reduce stress and negativity
  • Raise productivity
  • Improve job satisfaction
  • Enhance corporate image
  • Improve training and development outcomes
  • Improve patient wellbeing in hospitals and other medical settings, and
  • Contribute to meeting at least 75% of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) criteria.

AHI Gardens' qualified team can design, install and manage Interior Plantscapes of any size, from a few office plants to a complete interior atrium and everything in between. All projects are custom designed to meet our clients’ requirements. Clients can hire or purchase new plants from AHI Gardens, or we will happily take care of your existing plants.

Exterior Landscape Services

Awareness is growing for the need to develop, design, protect and nurture the Greenscape around us. From commercial properties and corporate towers, to leisure resorts and residential Body Corporate situations, a universal realisation has been the recognition of the investment value which a successful Greenscape project presents. As with any asset, a Greenscape demands horticulturally appropriate on-going management to both protect and increase its value.

Our services include:

  • Complete horticultural management and consultancy for all resort, commercial and residential situations.
  • Personlised solutions for all horticultural challenges that exist or develop within a Greenscape.
  • Establishment of strict management programs, as well as schedules for fertilising, pruning, mowing and lawn care, insect and weed control, planting and installation of garden mulches.
  • AHI Gardens’ staff are dedicated professionals with the full support and backing of experienced horticulturists who utilise the latest horticultural techniques and technology.  Their commitment to excellence is evidenced by the Company’s long standing relationships with so many of our clients.

Design and Enhancement of existing Plantscapes

Understand how to utilise available space, soil structure and nutrition with a keen eye on how to create subtle harmony with the choice of plants, is a skill that is difficult to teach.  It takes a lifetime of experience and constant reflection on current trends and practicality to achieve the most desirable balance.

AHI Gardens has a reputation for long-term relationships that comes from a trust to produce expected outcomes that are highly valued by our clients. This includes providing advice on when redesign and upgrades are necessary due to passing their lifespan or recommended for evolving conditions and implementing horticultural appropriate solutions.

Irrigation repairs and maintenance

An efficient irrigation system is the most effective way in which to maintain the aesthetics of your lawn and gardens, especially in times of drought and water restrictions. A well-designed irrigation system provides good water efficiency and a reliable supply of water, whilst minimising labour and maintenance costs. Designs which incorporate the capacity to use recycled water is another important component of a well-designed system.

AHI Gardens has the experience to maintain and program most of the different operating systems available as well as advise on new systems and upgrades to your existing system.

Beyond routine maintenance, we also conduct seasonal inspections and evaluate your property’s water management systems as the landscape matures and climatic conditions change across the year.